Alimony & Support

As part of a divorce, one party may require alimony or financial support for a period of
Time or indefinitely. The court considers several factors when deciding whether to award
Alimony, how much and for how long. Those factors may include:

  • The discrepancy in the income of the parties
  • The potential earning power of each party
  • The number of years married
  • The financial needs of each party
  • Debts of each party
  • The physical and mental health of each party
  • Whether there was one party that was much more at fault in causing the divorce
  • Whether there are other assets available to either party from which they may draw resources to live
  • Other dependants

Child support shall be paid by both parents according to their means. Maryland courts look to the best interests of the children. We can help the courts understand your family financial situation.