Employment Law


If you were terminated from your employment or if you failed to receive the bonus, pay or promotion that you felt you deserved, you MAY have a legitimate claim under the law.

What was the Employer’s reason for not giving you what you wanted? or for terminating you? or disciplining you? Have you spoken to your employer? Have you attempted to correct the areas in which you may have been deficient? Who did get the benefits or promotion that you did not get? Was that employee the same age or younger than you? What are the policies in your work place? How often have you been treated like this? These are some questions you should be asking before you conclude that you have been treated iin a manner that is illegal.

Our laws allow employers to choose their employees and to fire their employees “at will” (unless specified otherwise). However, our laws also protect individuals from being the victim of discriminatory treatment in the workplace on the basis of their RACE, RELIGION, NATIONALITY, GENDER, AGE AND/or DISABILITY. Are you a WHISTLE BLOWER? The State and Federal Laws describe how to define each of these areas and how to determine whether ILLEGAL discrimination AND/OR Retaliation has occurred.

If you believe that you have been the victim of Discrimination or have been RETALIATED against for reporting such discrimination, DO NOT WAIT IT OUT. DO NOT IGNORE IT. You must file any legitimate claim in a TIMELY manner or you may lose the right to file.

If you are unsure whether you have a claim, be sure seek advice.


The State and the Federal Government have laws which require employers to pay employees a minimum wage and limit the hours that certain employees may work at set wages. If you you feel that your employer has made an error in this area, be sure to seek answers. Don’t sit on your rights.


We can help you as an Employer or an Employee to forge a strong agreement for employment. We will look at all the variables to help you satisfy the law, regulations and your needs. Get the help up front to prevent a mess down the road.