We have helped many parties resolve difficult issues in a less expensive and less stressful manner. As a Mediator, we help the parties reach their OWN solution to the problems they encounter. As a Mediator, Laurel Anchors is not an agent of either party but rather an agent of BOTH parties.


There are times that our emotions won’t allow us to see that we have some interests in common with another party. A good mediator can assist in discovering those places of commonality. Sometimes we are fighting for the same piece of pie but for different reasons. A good mediator can help you see how to share the pie in the way that everyone gets what they want from it. A good mediator can also help to find other pieces of pie you may be forgetting so that the hunger of each party is abated

Mediation Allows You to Take Control of the Outcome: It is Often Well Worth the Try

However, both parties must be committed to the effort: If either party cannot commit to the effort to mediate, Mediation will not work for you.

We can mediate disputes over Custody, Property Division, Visitation, Support, Disputes between Employers and Employees involving allegations of unfair treatment and discrimination.

Not all Disputes are amenable to mediation but many disputes are. Call and let us help you see whether you can resolve a dispute by Mediation.